just when you thought...

Just when you thought, Splash of Lime, the blog, was done forever... 
I finally get my act together.
So much has changed since we started this little venture.  Gigi has retired and as I've mentioned she's opened up shop!  She has curated the finest booth in the Mayberry Antique Mall in downtown Mount Airy.  I've changed jobs (a couple of times), moved (so many times I've lost count), and gotten engaged to the sweetest boy I know.  While we haven't been busy here, on Splash of Lime, we have undoubtedly been busy.    
Here's the truth... Gigi's booth has brought her more success than this here little blog.  But y'all, for Gigi it's never really been about dollars and cents.  She hunts and picks for another reason altogether.  Yes, she loves the thrill of the hunt.  Yes, she loves the adventure that is going junking, never knowing just exactly what she might find.  But her love for this work comes from her big ole heart for connecting with people.  When she's out treasure hunting, she's inevitably striking up conversations with strangers.  When she's in the booth, she's all the time helping folks find the perfect piece(s).  For her, this has really always been about relationships! 
On a recent visit home, we got to talking about how we both miss the blog.  The thing we both probably miss the most... meeting you all, connecting with you all when something we post here strikes your fancy.   We love and miss knowing where each precious treasure ends up.  So, here we are, experimenting.  I'm not sure if any one is still reading at this point, but I'm committing to you all and to Gigi to two to three posts each week.  
We're coming back with a bang people.  
Feast your pretty eyes on this one... 

 If our current living situation wasn't a temporary one, I'd scoop up this campaigner piece and use it as a bar in a den!  Hopefully, you've haven't forgotten the drill.  Offers go to single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com!
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