blue + white tuesday: large temple jar

We are back with more blue + white inspiration!  And I want to give y'all a little bit of background.  Blue + white posts bring happiness to my heart.  I blame it on Gigi... and I've alluded to it here before, but I also hold her two older sisters responsible.  Their homes are filled with blue + white pieces, all shapes and sizes... most with some sort of story.

Y'all, these women were a huge part of my growing up.  Tootie faithfully came to see me each day after Gigi and Daddy brought me home from the hospital.  She tells this tale of squeezing me so hard that I cried.  She couldn't help it, she just "loved me too much!"  I love knowing that her kitchen is always open for breakfast, her gravy far better than anyone else's.  Barbara Kay lived in the house up above the house I grew up in for most of my early years.  A path stayed mowed across the field that separated our two houses, mostly out of necessity.  I was forever making the trek back and forth.  Barbara Kay spoiled me then with sleepovers on school nights and regular haircuts and really, no one can touch her sweet potato sonker.  I tried myself, following her step by step instructions, and failed miserably.           

So when I see homes filled with blue + white, I can't help but think of these women that raised me and the houses they made into homes.  Here's a pretty outdoor space with a collection of blue + white that rivals that of the Branch women.      

Those same women would have a fit over this large temple jar.  It's a great size!  
Offers go to single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com!    

Tootie and Barbara Kay, when you read this... know that I love you both more than all the blue and white in the world.  

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