more big changes...

Over two years ago, I wrote to you about some big changes.  Life took me to Austin and the Lone Star State quickly became my home away from home.  I met precious people with Texas-sized hearts, people who have become my forever friends.  I made good on a promise to myself to get an advanced degree.  I became (for better or worse) more fiercely independent.  I was stretched and I grew in a million different ways.  And truly, I found sweetness throughout this season...

I shared earlier this month that I graduated in May.  I failed then to share the next steps in my little journey.  In large part, it's because I've had questions.  I've prayerfully made some decisions and I am so excited to share them with you all.  Just when I thought I had made up my mind to return to Chapel Hill to continue with school, God reminded me that He's in charge.  

Seriously y'all, I paid my enrollment deposit and everything.  But an opportunity came along that made me re-think everything.  That opportunity also brought some uncertainty.  I could take my dream job... a job that would allow me the opportunity to love on teachers and to help them to love on the babies they teach...  though taking the job offered no guarantee of a return home to Gigi and my precious family.  I prayed and prayed and ultimately accepted the job, remembering that God calls us to be faithful.  

If I'm being honest, there were times when I didn't sleep.  Times when I wasn't especially faithful.  Times when doubt filled my heart.  Here's where I found assurance... in God's reminder that He designed me to love on people.  Directly.  And in a big way.  Not through research.  So after much prayer and... later... celebratory margaritas (obviously), I get to share my good news.      

I'm coming home!  I'm coming home to North Carolina.  I'll be working as an educational coach and consultant, traveling throughout the Southeast and occasionally across the country.  I'll likely be back in Raleigh, though I don't have a place to live just yet.  Ideally, I'll find a sweet little two bedroom house.  Yes, two bedrooms, because Gigi will need her own bedroom and her bedroom will also have to serve as my home office.  If you know of anything, please, please share!     

I'll begin the long drive home on Wednesday morning and my heart is absolutely full.  I'm looking forward to seeing so many of you... to day trips home to Mount Airy... to sleepovers with sweet nephews and a brand new baby niece... to football games in the Fall... and to rediscovering the state that's always had my heart.  Tomorrow, I'll return to regular Splash of Lime posts.  I thank you though, for giving me this space to share not just Gigi's finds, but also my heart!  

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