high/low: something for your garden

Though I have fond memories of helping my Mema water her flowers and tomatoes as I was growing up, I'll be the first to tell you that I know nothing about growing a garden.  I  will also readily admit that I admire those of you with a green thumb!  You deserve praise for your pretty flowers and boundless supply of veggies.  What I wouldn't give for some fresh summer squash!

All of that to say… Gigi found these pretty trellis pillars.  
You real official gardeners may call them obelisks.  

We are asking $24 each // $40 for a pair // or $76 for a set of four.  
50" H

Compare to these similar pieces from Terrain… Starting at $158 for the smallest version!

Working in the yard this weekend and want to scoop these up?  
Send your offers to single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com!