Cheers to Gigi!

I've had it on my heart to write this post for a while now.  Y'all may remember when I posted that Gigi opened up a small booth at an Antique Mall in Walkertown here.  Well that was back in April 2013.  Gigi later made the decision to move the party a bit closer to home when the Mayberry Antique Mall opened on Main Street in our hometown.  July has been a banner month for Gigi and the Splash of Lime booth and that friends is cause for celebration.  

Our blog sales took a bit of hit when I made the big move to the Lone Star State.  Gigi adjusted accordingly and I'm just so stinking proud of her.  Truth be told, she finds more goodies than I can post here.  I love that she gets a small dose of happy from checking her sales at the booth each day… it's the same dose of happy we get when we receive an e-mail from one of you, claiming an item for your very own.  

So… if you see Gigi soon, give her a high five for all of her hard work and if you're ever in Mount Airy, think about stopping by the Mayberry Antique Mall.  You'll likely spot a few Splash of Lime pieces in the front window and if you're there around lunch time, you might even catch Gigi dropping off a few new finds.  

Cheers to you Gigi!