gigi comes to austin, finds inspiration + treasures

Sorry for our absence.  Gigi came to Austin for a long weekend and we managed to work in some treasure hunting as we ate our way through the city.  I'll be posting Gigi's finds throughout the week, but I wanted to share two of Austin's best-dressed restaurants.  Cheers to inspiration.  

#1.  Josephine House.  
The most perfect spot for a pre-noon or afternoon cocktail.  We love the pretty Oriental rugs, the white   marble, and the bistro chairs on the front lawn.  Gigi and I recommend the Paloma and a spot in one of the alcoves on the outdoor patio!  Also, did I mention Josephine House is within walking distance of my place...  Just.  Saying.  

It is one of the best kept secrets in all of Austin...  Seriously.  We love the honeycomb tiled floors, the reclaimed cabinetry, and the French doors hanging on barn rollers.  Specialty cocktails abound at this farm to table eatery.  We had the chicken and biscuits (think fresh take on traditional chicken and dumplings) on special... and hear this, I'll never be mad about a skillet browned biscuit.  

Check back tomorrow for a fun find.