So.  Gather round for real talk.
I've said it before.  I'll say it again.
When Gigi and I started this little business, we never imagined the impact it would have on our lives.  Splash of Lime is our happy.  It is a glass of wine and a Face Time date to catch up and talk shop.  It is a much needed reprieve from full time jobs and grad school reading (and more reading) and writing (and more writing).  It is a slew of photos of fabulous finds.  It is a racing heart when we find something really, really amazing.  It is a huge smile when we find offers sitting in our inbox.  

Above all, it is the joy of sweet, sweet relationships.  I get to share my most special relationship with friends I've known for years and friends I only met just recently.  You invite Gigi and I into your homes... you meet us in random parking lots... and y'all continue to love on us!  So know that we are thankful for your loyalty to Splash of Lime!  We are here to stay!

Ok.  On to the news.
Gigi and I have been thinking about ways to reach out to more folks, to provide shipping options to buyers who may live outside of North Carolina, and to move sale items that do not get claimed in Tag Sales.  After much deliberation, we decided to test the Etsy waters.  Though I created our "store front"months ago, we've only just recently added items...

So far, we have two sales under our belts.  I have a feeling this trinket dish might be our third sale.  
Send your offers to single.splash.of.lime to arrange for local delivery/pick up with no shipping costs or make your way over to our new Etsy shop.