more beach finds: campaigner chests

So.  While Gigi and I were down at the beach, a few rainy days made for great Splash of Lime days.   One such day, we walked in to one of our favorite junk stores and I immediately spotted these two.  
A perfect pair.

I  did what any semi-professional junker would do.  I pulled the drawers open to look for the stamps.

Upon seeing the stamps, I guarded the chests with my life and sent Gigi to the front with the sold stickers.  And then I posted them on Instagram.  You all inquired.  And our pretty pair of Campaigner chests sold before making it to the blog.  

Apologies for the photo quality.  Our buyer promised a Splash of Lime "At Home" post once the chests settle into their new homes.
Need a little Dixie in your life?  Don't worry.  We'll be on the look out for more.