love at first sight: gold frames

 Remember ya'll, Gigi is a collector.  She loves, loves, loves old, gold frames and the richness they bring to a room... sort of like the collection of frames here... 

Take a look at what we have in stock.  Make an offer on one frame or the whole lot. 

Here's my favorite.  It's gorgeous and there's no telling how much it originally cost.  We're asking $35 for this large ornamental frame... 
29" L x 25" W
24"L x 20" W (Opening) 

Here's a smaller frame with pretty, pretty details (try to look past the artwork).  
13 1/2" L x 12 " W

 This gold frame houses a mirror.  You could hang it as is or remove the mirror.  
17" L x 14" W

And finally... this pretty, pretty ornate frame.  Gigi says it's "really, really, reallllllllly old."  
28 1/2" L x 18 3/4" 
26" L x 16" W

What do you think?  Dressing up walls can be tricky and super expensive.  If you're interested in any of our easy on the pocket solutions, send your offers to single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com.