As promised (and only a week later than promised)... some (iPhone) pictures of my new little apartment in Austin and this floor plan (not to scale) to help you make sense of it all... 


The kitchen may be my favorite.  It's tiny and precious.    
That door leads to a landing and the back entry of my building (and will rarely be used).  The ladder shelf (from my old bedroom) provides added storage and easy access to dishes.  Gigi and I found the cart at Ikea (and subsequently vowed never to purchase Ikea furniture again... oh hey, faulty parts + trips to Lowe's to search for substitute parts + mocking by the men at Lowe's who clearly had no idea that Gigi continually proves herself as one of the world's greatest problem solvers).  The cart is pretty solid, doesn't necessarily look like Ikea, and gives me storage and workspace.    

The sweet little gallery wall makes me giggle.  I did the watercolors... a margarita (duh!) and a mixer... and the rest I had on hand... an Emily Ley print from my one of my favorites (thank you, thank you KNW!), my grandmother's vintage North Carolina handkerchief (yes, both Dobson and Mount Airy made the map), and my beloved Southern Draw "Bless Your Heart" barn wood sign.   

The cabinets + hardware are original, freshened up with new paint and bright white subway tiles.  

Dining Room

Aside from the addition of the textiles from my old bedroom, there are no major changes to speak of in the dining room...  

I did, however, update the chalkboard to reflect the big move.  It'll stay put until football season... and then I'll have to find a way to Rah-Rah Carolina 'lina and Hook-Em Horns all at once.  


First, don't mind the wrinkles in my duvet.  Second, in Raleigh, I had a huge sunburst-ish mirror over my bed.  In planning for Austin, I thought I wanted my bed in front of the window and left the mirror behind.  Big mistake.  I'll be taking the mirror back with me in August.  

Ya'll should recognize several of these pieces from the blog... the vanity, the little Moroccan stool, the chair, and that bookshelf.  I'm looking to either purchase or make a burlap message board to hang over my vanity... 

This may be my favorite little corner in the whole place.  

 My bathroom is ready to go (minus a rug).  We used what we had from my old bathroom, adding the bamboo shade... 

...and the most perfect garden stool I've seen in a long time.

I'm missing living room photos... but promise more.  
Gigi and I worked hard and went to bed, worn out each night.  But ya'll, we loved making nail holes and finding new homes for old favorites!  I owe a great big thank you to Gigi and Daddy, KMG, KAB, ALJ, and GUV... I love you all, more than you know!  
Austin just feels right.  Cheers to a big new adventure.