love at first sight: industrial tables

When Gigi and I were in Austin, I fell hard for this industrial table.

It was my favorite piece we found (and walked away from... oh hey $3,000+ price  tag) on the trip.  The color on the base was perfect.  The weight of the butcher block top was just right.  Well.  Gigi and I keep looking for industrial style tables in our price range.  

We found this table (sorry, no before pictures) and saw some potential...  We painted the legs that same smokey gray-blue from the inspiration piece and stained and distressed the top.  Here's the finished product.  (And note: Those are sweet little casters... they are original.  And, yes they have me swooning).   
30" x 48" x 41" H


It's yours for $127.  Send your offers to single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com annnnnd.... 
Signing off with some eye candy inspiration c/o Margot Austin: