I didn't plan to disappear last week.  Really, I didn't.  

But things happened...

Gigi and I hosted a Thank You brunch for all my mentors.  Gigi made my favorite... country ham biscuits.  Sinfully delicious and an altogether perfect reference to growing up in a small Southern town.  

We picked up several ginger jars.  They were sold before I ever had the chance to post them on Splash of Lime.   (Sometimes I post on Instagram...sarahanntay... before I post here.  Guilty as charged.)

I handed in my resignation letter.  And I cried (a lot).  Happy and sad tears.    

And when I wasn't restaurant week-ing, exploring Durham, cheering on the Diamond Heels, food truck rodeo-ing, wine tasting, book club-ing, watching a sweet, sweet friend get married... I was packing.  Packing up my classroom.  Packing up my apartment.  And packing.  Still packing.    

That's right.  Moving week is here.  

Raleigh:  I adore you!  I tried my darndest to soak up every bit of you.  
I'm thankful for five sweet years.    

Austin:  See you on Thursday!  

(Ya'll say prayers!)