weekend find: vintage pyrex

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  Gigi and I had a jam-packed weekend; however, we managed to pick up a few fun things to share with ya'll this week.  

First up...
We have this Vintage Pyrex Pink Gooseberry 4 Quart Mixing Bowl.  

It makes me think of the sweet lady who kept me as I was growing up...  M.R.  

M.R. was one of the first to find out that Gigi was expecting.  Gigi's no fool.  She wanted to secure a spot for me with M.R.  This lady loved on me and countless other children throughout her lifetime.  She held me.  She rocked me.  She played.  She loved to watch the "stories" when we all went down for naps.  She took me down to "the bottom" and truly introduced me to vegetable gardening.  She helped me know right from wrong.  She consoled me when I was hurt and she coached me through many apologies when I made mistakes.  And... y'all.  She fed me.  I remember breakfast in Papa D.'s lap.  I remember peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, folded "pocketbook" style.  And I remember her colorful Pyrex dishes.  I'm so, so thankful for that time growing up with M.R.
When Gigi picked this mixing bowl up, I did some research.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who remembers these pieces fondly.  There are entire blogs devoted to vintage Pyrex.  I'm not recommending that ya'll go starting collections... but consider adding a touch of color + a sweet reference to one of the ladies that raised you.  And hey, if you don't remember Pyrex as a part of the fabric of your growing up... simply watch an episode of Mad Men.  You'll spot it in no time.