odds and ends

Ya'll.  There's seriously no better title for this post... this amalgamation of some of Gigi's most recent finds.  A bit of function and a whole lot of fun, I love these odds and ends all priced at only $15.

There's this small ceramic elephant in perfect shape.  Ready for your bookshelves or built-ins.  

We have this brass wall mounted mailbox.  You could leave it as is.  You could engrave it.  You could paint it.  Use it on your front stoop, inside your door for outgoing mail, or at a special event to collect sweet notes and cards.

Next up... this chalkboard.  I see it in a mudroom or a little one's room.  Those hooks are perfect for collecting jackets.   
12 3/4" x 21 3/4" 

And finally... this one makes me giggle.  You're probably asking, "What is it?"  It's a vintage ice crusher.  And it really works.  We tested it out the last time my Daddy made his perfect margaritas.  I want someone to pick it up and use it on a bar cart.   

Need any of these odds or ends?  E-mail us with your offers... single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com.