big changes.

So.  I've been working on this post for a little more than a month.  In that time, I went back and forth, praying about when to share.  Mostly I prayed for my sweet, sweet Gigi.  See, Gigi and I have never ... minus trips and a quick summer abroad...  been separated by more than two and a half hours.  So my whole, "I'm moving to Austin, Texas.  For two years.  For graduate school." is kind of a big deal.  

We like being close.  I love that I can drive home to Mount Airy for the weekend (and that my sweet Daddy will greet me with snacks and a margarita).  I love that I can meet Gigi and Daddy halfway when we just need to see each other.  I love knowing that when my Tar Heels play at home in the Fall, Gigi and Daddy will be in town for the whole weekend.  I love knowing that when Daddy is working close by, he's stopping here for happy hour and an overnight.  And I love that Gigi can (and often does) drive to Raleigh on a whim.  

Not only do we all love being close, but we also really, really love Splash of Lime.  In sharing grad school news with people we love, friends and family inevitably ask, "But what about Splash of Lime?"  Rest assured.  We won't stop blogging.  Though I may not post everyday, I will promise you two to three posts each week, including a Tag Sale on Friday.  ANNNDDDD... Gigi will continue to make trips to Raleigh for all you readers in the Triangle.   

But... here's our next big change/huge prayer answered.  Gigi and I opened up a booth over the weekend.  My sister-in-law, S, found the shop in her treasure-hunting.  She encouraged Gigi to take a look and well, Gigi did her research.  We now have our own little room at "Treasures in the Attic" in Walkertown, North Carolina.  It's important to note that the shop is close to S and J (and Gigi's grand-babies)!   J and S signed on to help Gigi maintain the space and we all set everything up on Sunday.  Take a peek at my favorite little corner.  I still can't settle on a favorite... the grapes?  The decanter with the shot glasses?  Or the "suited" coaster set?  

Love, love, love in my heart for this space and the time spent putting it all together.  Gigi, I'm so proud of you.  So thankful that you are mine.  And when I left you on Sunday, my tears were happy ones.  But you already knew that, didn't you...       

Ok.  Enough of that.  Come back tomorrow for a special North Carolina find.