before and after:

Honestly.  I wasn't a fan.  The upholstery was bad.  The legs were scratched up.  And I'm forever telling Gigi, "Let's only buy things we truly, truly love."  You see, her heart for the old and the discarded is a little bit bigger than mine.  One of my great nesting fears is that my home would appear to be some hot mess full of yard sale finds, made over furniture, and hand me downs.  I think we all want interiors to be more deliberate than that, right?  So while I have more than my fair share of once unfortunate pieces, I hope that I've put them together in a way that just makes home feel intentional and pretty.  

OK, I'm rambling.  Back to the post.  Here's "The Unfortunate"/The Before

When I'm wrong, I can admit it and I was wrong about this one.  Here's "The Happy"/The After
We redo quite a few ottomans/footstools... but I'm especially fond of this one's after.  I love the round shape and well that fabric maybe makes my heart skip a beat.

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