Splash of Lime at home: Sugar Megnolia

Well party people...  once upon a time we featured this pretty little ice bucket.  In no time at all, it sold.  We sold it to Megan of Sugar Megnolia... right before she moved to Texas.  

And honestly, I'm still a bit bummed that she moved before we ever had the chance to get to know one another.  For now, following her on her sweet, sweet blog and Instagram (duh!) will have to suffice.  She has a knack for creating moments... out of a magazine interiors, envy me outfits, and you wish you were invited parties.  She just knows pretty things.  

This little photo sums up everything I'm trying to tell you...     

Megan, Splash of Lime wishes you well... all the way from North Carolina to Texas.   

And the rest of you... don't worry... we're looking for more fun barware.