Splash of Lime at home: favorites from the long and short of it

There's no doubt in my mind that most of you know about this blogger already....  Jessie is a girl after my own heart with a penchant for creating beautiful spaces and an eye for unique pieces.  She's so good in fact that she's been featured on the Everygirl and countless blogs.    

I hop over to Jessie's blog, The Long and Short of It, any time I need to feel inspired.  I'm beyond thankful for the readers she sends over to Splash of Lime whenever she picks up one of our pieces.  

Here are two of my personal favorites...

Love, love, love that mirror.  

Can you spot my favorite Splash of Lime bar cart?

Gorgeous spaces, right?  
Now, if you're not already reading The Long and Short of It... scoot.  Go now.  
You'll be happy you did.