Splash of Lime at home

Friends, Gigi and I love, love, love it when we get pictures of Splash of Lime pieces in your homes!  It really is the sweetest thing to know that we've found something that brings someone else a little happy.  

For a while, I've wanted to start an "At Home" series... a way to show other readers what happens to the pieces that start on the Tag Sale and end up in your bedrooms, living rooms, dens, etc.  
One reader recently e-mailed and provided the perfect opportunity for the start of our "At Home" series.  

Remember this little bench:

Well, M bought it and recovered it.  It is gorgeous!  
I'm obsessed with the stripes and seriously, the black and white against the gold is beyond perfect.

M, you knocked it out of the park! 

We want to see more pictures.  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your pieces...
We can't wait for more Splash of Lime "At Home" posts.