birthday wish list

Ya'll.  Meeting readers is one of the happiest outcomes  of our little blog.  I'm convinced that Gigi and I have come across the absolute sweetest folks in North Carolina.  When we started, I never really thought twice about Splash of Lime growing the way it has and I certainly never considered the ways it would foster new friendships.  Our sweet readers, even the ones we meet for the very first time in random parking lots in the cold and the rain, seem to know and value us.  I recently met one such reader who implored me to include a few more personal posts on Splash of Lime.  She said she tunes in every day not only because she loves to see what we've found, but because she just loves hearing about what Gigi and I have been up to... a sweet reminder of the relationship she has with her own mother.  So, this reader and I chatted about ideas for posts that would give readers a little more insight into my life...  With my birthday coming up, she suggested a post featuring a birthday wish list.  So sweet friends... here it goes...   

1. Bobbi Brown skincare products are my absolute favorite./  2.  Santa seriously upgraded my weekend travel situation with sweet Ame and Lulu bags.  Additions welcome./  3.  Delicious Diptyque candle.

  4. My current running shoes should be retired.  These Mizunos would be a perfect replacement./ 5.  New running tights to replace the pairs I've had since college./ 6.  A running watch.

7.  Perfect party dress./ 8.  Neutral flats.  These would do./ 9.   Jacquie Aiche Alphabet Rings for stacking./  10.  Lovely watch for spring./ 

11.  Night Circus for March book club./ 12.  A Thousand Splendid Suns for April book club.  

What do you think?  Are you ok with the occasional more personal post?  I'll be back later this afternoon with a more traditional Splash of Lime post... how does a second chance at a tortoise shell ice bucket sound?  

Love, love, love.  sat