currently coveting: "the fine arts that produce the fashionable beauty of today"

I'm still swooning.  

On a recent trip to "her store," Gigi met up with a fellow "junker."  Now... in all my years of going with Gigi, I've learned that junkers who go and junk often, tend to develop relationships with other professional junkers.  Their paths cross constantly and because they truly "get" one another, they share recent finds and commiserate over missed opportunities.  They also look out for others like them, remembering who is looking for what each time they themselves go out looking.  

Gigi tells me about these other "junkers."  I can hear her smile as she describes them and I'm always amazed at how much she learns about them in the brief time they spend together.  I'm also amazed at the generosity of each of Gigi's junker friends...  as demonstrated by the story Gigi just shared.  A fellow junker/blog reader led Gigi out to her car and gave Gigi a gorgeous VOGUE poster book in awesome condition... no really, she just gave it to Gigi.  She thought we might be able to post it on our "thing" blog.  And then Gigi began sending me pictures.  The illustrations... they have me swooning.  

Take a peek... 

I'm obsessed and most assuredly won't be able to let it go.  

Thank you, thank you to Gigi and her professional junker friend.