weekend updates: we are back!

Sweet friends, I'm hopeful that a week full of some of my favorites posts (maybe ever) will make up  for our nearly two week long absence from the blogosphere.  Here goes nothing...

I've been dreaming of a guest bedroom makeover and well, Gigi and I are making things happen.  Slowly, but surely, in the words of JH (who bless him, doesn't quite know what to do with us or our interior antics), "the room is really coming together."    

Here's what we did... 

First, we procured the most perfect fabric and selected a chalky blue for the furniture.  Then we called on some of our favorites.  Mrs. R (who actually made the drapery panels in Gigi and Daddy's first house, 30+ years ago) made the drapery panels and pillows for the bed (pictures coming soon) and the Shaw Dog (previously referenced here) painted the Bali Hai pieces.  Oh yes, and we gave the Splash of Lime lamps seen here a glossy white makeover...  

Next up... 
drapery panels 
bolster pillow and shams
paint lamps
paint Bali Hai pieces
paint/update childhood bed
new finials for lamps
order duvet/shams
cover Splash of Lime chair (originally seen here
style, style, style

Gigi and I are hoping to finish up in the next two weeks.  
We will keep you posted...