high/low: demilune table

Oh happy day... if you aren't reading Good Bones, Great Pieces.... you might want to start.  Suzanne and Lauren are a mother-daughter design team and when I found their book, “Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces To Carry You Through a Lifetime,” I kept coming back to the many valuable lessons Gigi continues to impart.  Gigi's lessons on making a very pretty, very comfortable home have sort of become the Splash of Lime philosophy and if you happen to pick up "Good Bones, Great Pieces..." I think you'll feel the lessons resonating throughout...  

Gigi's Big Four...  
1.  Use what you have (even if it's been tucked away in an attic for years).  
2.  Hold on to pieces that translate from room to room and that that you'll use for years to come.
3.  It's ok and even encouraged to mix old favorites with more current obsessions.
4.  Look for used pieces before buying new. 

Bearing in mind Gigi's Big Four, I want you to take a look at one of the core pieces recommended by Suzanne and Lauren in "Good Bones, Great Pieces..."
The Demilune... 

A half moon or demilune table is a timeless piece that can be used in countless different ways.  We love this one from Ballard Designs... 

Torino Demilune Console Table... $399

But remember Gigi's #4.  Look for used pieces before buying new.  
Here's our version and though it's less substantial and lacks storage, it has all the charm in the world.  

Spindle Demilune Console Table... $30
Interested in investing in a core piece?  
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