before and...: drop leaf table

Let's start with this... and call it inspiration.  

Now... you might love the upholstered headboard, you might love the framed wallpaper panels, you might love the fabric on those pillows... all of those things are very, very good things.  Maybe, though, you notice and love the bench at the foot of the bed.  

Gigi and I love a bench at the foot of the bed.
And so when she picked up and shared this amazing drop leaf table, we both sort of wondered, table or bench? 
13 1/4" x 36" or 27/1/2" x 36"
We will sell it for $30 as is; however, if there are no takers, we invite you to check back in a few weeks for a drop leaf table/bench update.  

E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.