weekend update: splash of lime wedding details

This weekend was all about two precious friends, K & K, getting married.  The wedding was incredibly personal, romantic, spiritual... and emotional; moreover, a new monogrammed handkerchief was a seeming license to cry and cry... happy tears of course.  I am so very thankful to K & K for the friendship we share and for the invitation to be a part of the wedding weekend.       

The new Mrs. KPW is one of the most detail oriented people I know and she had so many sweet touches all planned out for the weekend.  I am happy to share two of those sweet touches... two Splash of Lime details from the big day...

I gifted this sweet little mailbox to K on her birthday after hearing her exclamations over it!  A friend of K's added their surname, making it the perfect repository for cards on the gift table at the wedding. 
 I believe that once they K & K return from the honeymoon, the mailbox will live in their kitchen, collecting all incoming mail.  

The next fun detail... K wanted a pair of Mr. & Mrs. signs, appointing special seating for the couple at the sweetheart table.  I took an old fence post, sawed and sanded it, and then added the "Mr." and "Mrs." with some black acrylic paint.  After the paint dried, I sanded each sign down, drilled a couple of holes in each for the twine and they were ready for the florals...  

K & K, I adore and love you!  I hope that you are having the best time on your honeymoon and I wish you many, many years of blessings and happiness.   Thank you, thank you for loving me "so big and so well."