love at first sight: beverage jar

I've decided that every one needs a beverage jar.  A party just looks prettier with a big batch of lemonade or a signature cocktail.  What's more important, when you're playing hostess, your guests will be able to serve themselves and you won't continually be running back and forth, topping off drinks.  

We found this near perfect beverage jar and even tested it out!  
The spigot works well and you can't beat our price.
Do some comparison shopping here...

These dispensers come from Pottery Barn and range from $59 to $79 depending on the size...

I'm in love with this glass-footed dispenser from Williams-Sonoma, retailing at $69...

And how chic are these ginger jar and pear shaped dispensers from Horchow... on sale now for $69.90.

Interested in our version?  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.