weekend find: bombay table

Sweet and happy memories.  

When Gigi texted me a picture of this precious find, I had the sweetest and the happiest memories of my Mother's house.  Mother was Gigi's mother, my grandmother, and truly "Mother" to everyone she met.
21.5" H x 27.5" W x 17" D 
(with sides folded up)

A little history... Gigi's Daddy, Pa Jake, built houses and though they always stayed in Dobson, the houses Gigi lived in and the various pieces of furniture that filled each home created a distinct timeline for Gigi, my Uncle Mike, my Aunt Barbara Kay, and my Aunt Tootie.  When they share stories, they inevitably reference where they were living at the time... whether it was out Highway 601, the old Hemmings homeplace, the house on Kapp Street, or the house down below the Allison tree.

I never knew my Pa Jake and I never set foot in any of the houses Gigi grew up in, but our sweet Mother had one of these Bombay Co. butler coffee tables and it served as a reference point for me.  For as long as I can remember, Mother had a coffee table like this one in her front room.  I remember folding the sides of the table down and sitting on the floor around it, cousins alongside me, all of us eating bowls of the very best strawberry dumplings...  


We want this sweet little piece to be a happy reference point in your home.  
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