currently coveting: garden stools

Several of you have been e-mailing us with requests for garden stools.  
I think it's worth noting that Gigi actually calls them drums and that they've had a place in our home for as long as I can remember... as side tables, in bathrooms, on patios... we've used them all over.    

They come in all shapes and sizes... and often with hefty price tags.    

While we have some favorites (keep scrolling), we LOVE our very reasonably priced Splash of Lime option.  
It needs to be cleaned up and could really use a paint job.  
We'll even paint it for you... you just pick your poison paint color.  

Here are some of our favorites... 

Square Lattice Stool from Emissary Homes... $270

Blue and White Chinese Stool from Overstock... $109.99

 Interlocking Rings Stool from Wisteria... $219

Coveting our version?   E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.