weekend find: you'll never believe it...

First things first... taking a blog vacation is tougher than it sounds.
Though we enjoyed our time at the beach, we missed Splash of Lime!

Next, do any of you recall this post?  
I fell hard for this card catalog at the flea market...
My sweet friend KAB will remember how the seller crushed my dreams when he named his price... $450, firm.  Seriously, $450 and I've seen old card catalogs priced even higher.  The piece haunted me.  I went back the next day, but the piece and its seller were no longer there.  I even called the flea market to see about getting the seller's contact information.  The folks in the office could only tell me that the man was from the Atlanta area.  He hadn't even given his name.

Well.  As I was laying out over the break, Gigi was combing every "junk store" from Ocean Isle to Calabash.  She was texting me pictures, soliciting "buy" or "pass" responses.  I truly thought I was in on all the spoils she had picked up for the day.  When she got back, she called me up from the dock.  I  squealed when I saw this piece.
This one has eight drawers instead of twelve and it hasn't been sandblasted (yet).  
But just guess how much she payed for it...


I'm in love.

The moral of the story... If you see it and you want it, buy it.  It might be gone tomorrow.  Unless you know Gigi.  Then she'll just find another one... for way less.   

Gigi and I later found this two drawer catalog and it is for sale.
Make us an offer at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com.
12 3/4"x 16" x 5"
Compare our price to Etsy prices here...