weekend find: tole tray

I'm going to be real honest... the first time Gigi brought home a tole tray, I simply shook my head.  You see, I thought the tray looked dated.  Gigi educated me, explained the history of these trays, and assured me that the trays had a place in fine homes.    

And though I always trust Gigi's good guidance, I wasn't completely sold.  Seeing this image; however, sort of sealed the deal and made me a true believer.  Suddenly tole trays felt less dowdy and more timeless.  

I love the idea of mounting a collection of trays on a wall.  
Are you interested in started a collection of tole trays?  What are your thoughts?  Are the trays chic and romantic or hoary and antiquated? 

Gigi found this one over the weekend and it is for sale.  It would look great with a collection of other trays or mounted alone.  
E-mail us as single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.