weekend find: breakfast in bed

For months now, I've been hearing my sweet, sweet friend, JG rave about downtown Mebane.  Now, here's the scoop, JG loves a unique find, but more importantly she loves a good bargain.  I trust her judgement and have been trying to make it to Mebane for several weeks now.  When another sweet friend, KG, suggested we go this weekend, I responded with a resounding "Yes, please!"

In our final stop of the day, I found this breakfast tray perched atop a bed.  I especially loved it's size.  Upon further inspection, we realized that the glass tray with handles could easily be removed, making it more functional for those of you with significant others who might actually eat breakfast in bed.
This piece is for sale!  We are asking $35 or best offer.  It would be amazing in a guest room, resting atop a bed.  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with inquiries and offers.     

And if I whetted your appetite and you want to plan your own road trip to charming downtown Mebane, here are the need to know details:

Go on a Saturday!  Most of the shops are closed on Sunday. 

Pack a lunch (or if you're coming from Raleigh, time it right so that you get to stop by Sutton's in Chapel Hill on your way back through).

Melville's Trading Post is my favorite and had by far the best bargains, but you'll also need to drop by Quirk's and The Curious Peddler.