love at first sight: caning

Gigi and I found this under-appreciated chair in the back of one of our favorite used furniture shops.  Through poor lighting, I spotted perfectly caned arms and still respectable velvet upholstery.  

That's right.  Caned sides.  Button-tufted upholstery.  Perfection.       

Though "tangerine" (thanks SJ and KAB) is the color of the year, orange certainly isn't for every room.  This piece could quite handily be recovered.  Gigi and I estimate that it would require approximately five yards of fabric and we are willing to facilitate the recovering process for those who may not know an expert (and reasonable) upholsterer.   

We are asking $60 and we are entertaining all offers.  
E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers and feel free to do some comparison shopping here...