love at first sight: vincent bird prints

Birds lithos and prints always catch my eye...

Cue that old Drifters song, "This Magic Moment" and check out Gigi's most favorite recent find:  a set of three Harry Vincent bird prints in the most perfect oval frames.

We did some research.  The prints alone (unframed) start out at $20.  Gigi is certain; however, that the frames add exponential value. They aren't wood and they certainly aren't plastic.  They are more of an antiqued leather.

We are absolutely in love with them and we are asking $48 for the set of 3.  

"Scarlet Tanager and Blueberry"

"Painted Redstart and Flowering Plum"

"Painted Bunting and Golden Chain"

E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.