before and after: old shutters

Gigi and I keep our eyes peeled for old windows, shutters, and doors that we can distress and refinish.  So when we found these, we quickly scooped them up and threw them in the back of the truck!

Here's what we did.

1.  First, we cleaned and sanded the shutters.

2.  Then, using a sponge brush we applied a thin layer of paint.  We applied just enough paint to cover, allowing the wood to show through.

3.  We let the paint dry on one side, before flipping the shutters and painting the reverse side.  Then we added a spray-on sealant.

We have four of these shutters FOR SALE.  They are 67" long and 15" wide.  We are asking $20 apiece or your best offer.  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com with your offers.  We will certainly do a better price if you decide you need more than one.

And in case you need further inspiration...