love at first sight: garden gates and old, pretty plates

Gigi and I started last Saturday with antiquing in King, North Carolina.  It didn't take me long to meet what I initially thought was my perfect match.  Upon walking into one of our first stops, I saw only the right side of the gate you see pictured below.  The left side was masked by a mannequin modeling a fur coat.  After some maneuvering, Gigi and I managed to move the mannequin and pull the gate out for a closer look.  The most perfect primitive garden gate... at $495.  We kept the gate out long enough for me to snap a picture and then, dejected, we moved it back to its home behind the mannequin.  

Now, no worries... the day improved.  Remember Monday's post, we also found two oh so hip bar carts and these... 

I'm quite certain that if a plate of the month club existed, I'd be first in line to pay my dues.  These two matching plates were tucked away in the way back of a china cabinet in a small shop in downtown Winston-Salem.  I immediately fell for them.  Marked $14 for the pair, I at first said, "No... too much..."  But I simply couldn't stay away.  The shop was tiny and with each lap I took, I kept coming back to this pair of plates.  Gigi, the old pro, wasted no time asking the owner if she'd take any less.  And so, $12 later, the plates were all mine.