before and after: wrought iron chair

Gigi found this beat up wrought iron chair and loved its bones so much that she brought it home.  In only a few steps (and using materials she already had), Gigi gave the chair a makeover.

Here's what she did...
First, she removed the screws attaching the (stained and squalid) upholstered seat and back to the frame.  
She measured the circumference of the seat and the back.  It's hard to tell from these first couple of before pictures, but each piece required upholstery for the back, flat side and the front, cushioned side.  Gigi knew the cushioned side would require more fabric.
For the flat side, she added an inch to its circumference and began to cut.  For the bulkier, cushioned side, she added two inches and continued cutting.
Gigi then used a stable gun to attach the fabric, making sure to pull the fabric tight and to alternate sides as she stapled.
Before restoring the back and the seat, Gigi gave the frame a new coat of spray paint.

Once the paint dried, she returned both the seat and the back to the frame and replaced the screws she had previously removed.

The finished product from the front...
And the back...
...and it is FOR SALE!  We are asking $35 or your best offer.  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com if you are interested.

... and per usual, forgive the iPhone photos.