before and after: couch and ottoman solutions

The before...

The after...

The story...
In moving into a new home, I knew I was going to need a couch and some sort of ottoman.  Gigi and I always operate on a budget and I was unwilling to pay more than $300.

Gigi and I first found the two benches pictured above for $8 apiece.  Now, the fabric on these benches was all wrong; however, their shape was beautiful.  I knew that with the right fabric, they'd breath new life and become the perfect ottoman solution for the space. 

Gigi and I later found the couch at a small, church mission resale shop... a shop that was so terribly grimy and cluttered that we almost didn't even go in.  I spotted the arm of the couch you see pictured above.  It was buried under a book shelf, a collection of wooden planks, and (I'm almost certain there was even) a vacuum cleaner stacked on top.  I called for Gigi and we started to uncover the couch.  

The couch was filthy; however, we loved the color and the fabric and we knew the cushions were in great shape. Certain that a good cleaning was all that it needed, we inquired as to the price.  When the man said $40, we gave him $55, loaded it, and headed back up 52 North.     

After getting the couch home and washing the cushion covers, we also arranged to have it professionally cleaned.  I spray painted the feet that were originally on the couch, masking all of the scratches and imperfections.  For the benches and throw pillows, we used the paisley print fabric we had on hand from a chaise that it also in the room and then used the green scroll print because it was the right price and the right color.  We are sort of in love with the end result!

Note: For you readers in the northwestern corner of the state, we have the best upholsterer (who will pick up and deliver, free of charge) and the sweetest lady who did our pillows and our drapes.  E-mail us at single.splash.of.lime@gmail.com for referrals.