before and after: a can of spray paint

Disclaimer... the before is so scary that I very nearly didn't share.  When Gigi found these and said she "kinda liked them," my immediate reaction was "Gross!"  We both agreed that they could be painted and so we picked up these two heinous plaques for a little before and after magic.

The before...

I placed the plaques on two pairs of plastic cups so that I'd be able to cover the rims of each plaque without them sticking to the newspaper.  I found a trusty can of spray paint and got busy.  

The after...
Not even a can of spray paint later, we had two sweet cameo plaques that would be beautiful on either side of a bed, in a powder room, or as part of a gallery wall.  
Lesson learned... a can of spray paint goes a long way.  I like our version WAY more than the Pottery Barn version you see below.