story of us...

Those of you who know me have undoubtedly either met or heard me talk about my mother, Gigi.  Gigi is a special lady with a knack for finding what my sweet Daddy refers to as junk.  But she doesn't find "just junk," she finds really good junk.  She combs her favorite thrift stores and used furniture stores frequently enough that the employees and owners not only know her by name, but also have her contact information for those occasions when phone calls are necessary.  

Gigi will claim that she does all of this selfishly, as a sort of therapy; however, if you have ever met Gigi, you know it's something else.  She is the ultimate giver.  When folks sit down to talk with Gigi, she listens more deeply than they ever realize.  She takes mental notes of things that people need and want and of things that make people happy.  I am certain that she must keep a list of these things because she is always spoiling someone with an unexpected find.

The ultimate giver and the ultimate finder, it's likely that if you were to tell Gigi you were looking for something in particular, she could find it for you in less than twenty four hours.  In fact, she may already have it in either the attic, the storage unit, or her bedroom closet.

I like to think that I inherited my precious mother's gift and that I have her eye for special things, frequently discarded by others.  She and I dream of opening a shop that could serve as a venue for the sale of the unique items we find... and so we consulted our resident business expert... Daddy.

We recently sat down and talked about the reality of opening a shop.  Dad advised us to attempt web sales before beginning our retail endeavors and thus, the idea for this blog was born.   Our plan is to showcase and sell our finds, while also sharing our homes and things we love.

In our discussion of our venture, we knew we needed a name.  In an effort to make a long story short, I'll simply say that "Splash of Lime" came to life in the laughter that followed a spilt drink at dinner.  Soaking wet and less than amused, Daddy assured me that we could use the incident as a source of inspiration.  And it happened...  you see, Daddy makes the best margaritas... with just a splash of lime.  

Daddy and Gigi